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At Theodoro Hertzl school, children will begin at the age of 3 in Kinder 3,

which means students must be three years old by July 31st.

The following chart shows the age required for each of the levels of the school. According to the evaluation and observations submitted by the admissions committee, the institution may decide which grade the student is suitable for.



3 years old

Kinder 3

4 years old

Kinder 4

5 years old

Kinder 5

6 years old

7 years old

8 years old

9 years old

10 years old


11 years old

12 years old

13 years old

14 years old


15 years old


16 years old


17 years old

*The school curriculum is organized according to the international curriculum, authorized by the Colombian curricula.

Upcoming admissions processes opening
(children born between  August  2023 & July 2024)


Registrations open

Grade and date of admission

Documents to be attached

Families already

part of our school.

December 2nd  to December 13th, 2024

Kinder 3  

August 2027 - 2028

Applicant's birth certificate


Registrations open

Grade and date of admission

Documents to be attached



January 10th, 2025

(until all spots are filled)

Kinder 3


• Applicant's birth certificate or passport

• Photocopy of the parents' ID card or document.

• Three recommendation letters, preferably from individuals associated with the school or the UIB community. If not available, recommendations can be from other friends or family members.

• Work certificate or monthly income statement from both parents

• Income tax return from both parents.



*Please have the aforementioned documents ready and complete the registration from a Gmail account.

Note: Registrations for Kinder 3 (2026-2027,
children born between August 2022 and July 2023)
have been closed.

​*Please take into account*

Our school reserves the right to admission and

receiving the application does not represent any obligation.

Comments or concerns

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