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We have a transportation service for interested families, provided by capable third party companies. Besides training, compliance with regulations and the selection of responsible people, we have the Ruta Segura app, which allows families to follow the school bus of their child in real time, and to receive relevant information in a timely manner.

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Managed by CRES & CATERING, a company that offers different food options and a balanced menu that can fulfill the nutritional needs and requirements of our students.

Enlace la de empresa de restaurante del colegio Theodoro Hertzl


The library offers an excellent opportunity for the development of communication skills and the strengthening of competences by promoting reading as an entertaining and enriching activity.

Servicios que ofrece el colegio Theodoro Hertzl

Sports and cultural

Sports and games are a fundamental part of education. The uniqueness of each player and the final union of all, become the foundation of teams that deploy their abilities with heart and passion.

Logo del Club Deportivo del Colegio Theodoro Hertzl


Seeking balance between being and knowing, our kids and youngsters develop their childhood and teenage happily and responsibly, in part thanks to activities that take place after classes, and in which their artistic dimension takes center stage.

Actividades extracurriculares del colegio Theodoro Hertzl



A sports integration tournament that highlights physical skills, unity, and healthy competition.

Servicios que ofrece el colegio Theodoro Hertzl


Our holiday program where children and young people enjoy a variety of sports, artistic, recreational, and cultural activities.

Actividad Theo's Camp  del colegio Theodoro Hertzl
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