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Since our school adopted the pedagogical approach of Horaá Mutemet, which means, education for diversity.   We have started to implement the strategy of Play-work in our preschool section, which allows our kids to learn while they play, and to boost their skills in situations that are significantly connected to their life experiences.  Besides, children practice communication, teamwork and the value of coexisting. Based on these tenets, we seek to strengthen exploration, inquiry, curiosity and observation; in this way, we show respect for their learning styles and paces, enhancing their inquisitive spirit, which is really necessary nowadays, and surely in the future.

Another one of the tools we have been working on is Project-Based learning, which perfectly fits the proposal of Horaá Mutemet, and which has allowed us to realize that using it, our children build their learning in a more active manner, with the support of their teachers, who are being trained to do so. The focus on Project-Based learning values the natural curiosity of children, and addresses their need to explore, investigate and inquire about their surroundings. In connection with the previous idea, we deem it really important to teach English as a Second Language.   Through this, we hope to boost the communicative skills of our children through an approach to the language that feels as natural as possible, immersed in the projects, in our play-work moments, which allows us to see how they start acquiring the language without pressure or fear of making mistakes. 

The school has also started discovering the artistic skills of our children.  It is then important to develop such skills, starting with music and body expression (Dance and drama), allowing us to boost, from the corporal and aesthetic, the dimensions of sense-perception, proprioception, dissociation, among others. From the corporal dimension, we place great importance on gross motor skills through Physical education; through it we are working on their coordination, compliance with instructions, laterality, etc.

Since our school is a part of the Jewish community of Medellín, we also make our students acquainted with Jewish culture through Judaic studies, in which we learn and share valuable elements from Judaism. Our students are raised as beings that can interiorize the necessary habits and routines for the preschool stage.  They learn to respect differences and practice the values they learn at home and at school in their everyday life. The dimensions we work on in the preschool stage, are based on the guidelines provided by the national Ministry of Education for Early education, which allow us to work in synchrony with the objectives pursued by Colombian education, in the context of skills for life.


Paola Cardona
Preschool coordinator

Paula Monsalve


Natalia Herrera
Homeroom teacher K3

Alejandra Bolívar
Homeroom teacher K4 ALEF

Luisa Salinas
Homeroom teacher K4 BET

Jeniffer Betancur
Homeroom teacher K5 ALEF

Sara Jaramillo
Homeroom teacher K5 BET

Patricia Larralde
Homeroom teacher first ALEF

Manuela Gómez

Homeroom teacher first BET

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